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MoneroSigner is a fork of the SeedSigner software and has been entirely funded by the Monero community. It is open source and based on consumer hardware and stateless, stateless means that this hardware does not retain any activity or your seed when you turn it off.

*A little reminder, even in the so-called safest device in the world, you will be asked to physically note your seed, because in reality many points of failure are possible, which is why this 316L stainless SteelStorage capsule, will be your best ally in the storage of your seeds.

The hardware is air-gapped, no wifi, bluetooth or other connection is possible, which eliminates most of the threats linked to the internet. MoneroSigner is equipped with a camera that allows you to sign transactions via qrcode without your seed being exposed to an online connection, updates are done via a micro SD card.

MoneroSigner Features:

  • Sign transactions via Qr-Code
  • Generate seed from dice rolls
  • Generate seed from mnemonic phrase
  • Import seed from QR code
  • Import seeds manually
  • Generate passphrases
  • Generate addresses from accounts
  • Generate view only wallet & Export
  • GPG key generate – GPG PUBkey share

The enclosure is made from aluminium with a sandblasted and anodized finish and is available in a range of 3 colours and you can get it in different configurations.

  • With the electronic components neatly assembled in the box and ready to use
  • In kit form with all the components for do-it-yourself assembly
  • Only the box

Only the enclosure contains the following items:

  • Body of the case sandblasted and silver anodized aluminium
  • Top panel sandblasted and anodized aluminium with 3 color (black/orange/gray)
  • 40 gold plated pin 2x smaller than the original raspberry pi pin
  • 4 hexagonal head screws with internal tapping (steel)
  • 4 hexagonal screws (steel)
  • 1 protective glass for the camera
  • 1 joystick button silver anodized aluminum
  • 3 navigation buttons silver anodized aluminum
  • 1 tool to remove the micro SD card

The self-assembled kit contains the following items

  • All the components in the enclosure
  • 1 raspberry pi zero with soldered pins
  • 1 waveshare display 240×240
  • 1 camera module 5 MP OV5647
  • 1 micro SD card 4GB
  • 1 micro USB to USBC adapter

If you want to get MoneroSigner ready to use, we will carefully assemble it for you.

You can also group together all the electronic components mentioned above by easily finding them on numerous online sites, the only specificity here is the design of the case which was machined by myself. The current design of the aluminum box is not suitable for a 3D printer for various reasons, but I offer you a similar design which would be suitable for manufacturing by 3D printer which you could download by clicking here.

Note: if you only buy the enclosure, you will not need to use the original raspberry pi zero header, I provide pins to fit the enclosure to reduce the height of the device, find the assembly instructions here or find a video of the assembly here.

If you purchase MoneroSigner as a kit or only in enclosure, we are not responsible for any damage you may cause during assembly of the components. If you’re not handy at all, let us assemble it for you, you can always take it apart later.


Black, Orange, Gray


Assembled, As in kit, Only the enclosure

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